Hot tap- A best solution for a steam pipe leak repair

What is hot tap?

As the name suggests hot tap is a method o where an under-pressured drilling machine, provides a branch off pipeline from an existing main pipe. This process is done through a coring process on existing operating pipeline without any interruptions to the flow of medium and system.  It is one of the best solution for a steam pipe leak repair which this post is all about, lets learn a bit more about it, shall we…

steam pipe leak repair

About the company

This company called Alstern, which provides the best services in this kind of steam pipe leak repair and has a more than decades of experience in the same. Alstern is in the business since the year 2004, which makes them a pioneer of Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Company and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are one of the best in the market.

Hot tap process is also the very first procedure in line stop, where the opening on the pipe allows line stop plug head (mechanical or inflatable) to be inserted in it.

What are the various advantages?

Firstly it branches off a new pipeline without affecting the operating system as a whole, which is a biggest advantage.  Secondly, it is much more convenient as it does not require draining of the entire pipeline content to be removed off. Next the downstream interruption can also be avoided, apart from that it is cost effective and lastly there is no disruption as well to the system operation