Searching for a fruitful and more meaning goal for educations around the world has become a struggle especially with the educational curriculum in K-12 when the argument is still a hot topic over the situation of students’ learning. There is an ongoing debate that ravages the United States’ education system over the common core standards and the standardized testing that affects millions from developing countries that adopted K-12 educational system that grasps a straw of a mere concept of education.

This served as a cornerstone for the United Nations’ core Millennium Development goals where education should be spread around the world for the past three decades, and this was highlighted with a success in creating a very accessible way to education especially in oppressed and third-world countries in Africa and South Asia, as the UN did set a play into motion to ensure a good-quality and accessible education.

mariyam dawood

Substantial progress around the world is sending a lot of people back to schools according to an expert of the economics of education from Stanford University, however, there is still a large number of population that have not gone to school and have not learned anything from certain parts of the world.

For philanthropists Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood, quality education is very critical for a country’s progress. In Pakistan, mariyam dawood is one of the most influential people when it comes to spreading accessible quality education.

Dawood contributed a lot to the development of many educational institutions across the Pakistani region that offers high-quality education to the Pakistani youth.