Which is better Hifu or Thermage?


Hifu is a skin tightening treatment just like Thermage, but this is more high-tech. but Thermage is much more popular as compared to Hifu. Some people even consider both to be the same thing, but they are different. They are medical beauty treatments that make use of different techniques.

What is Hifu?

It is a high energy ultrasound and focused treatment for skin tightening which works accurately. It provides 3mm dermis to activate collages and 4.5 mm deep SMAS superficial tendon and it tightens the skin and facial muscles. This is useful in lifting, tightening, thinning and de-staining of skin. It can cure double chin and loose bag face issue.

What is Thermage?


It is a 3D skin tightening mechanism using unipolar RF energy. It heats the collagen on the skin and is used for the neck, eyes, body and face. You can expect, reduce grain and wrinkle free skin using this treatment.

Both these treatments are useful over a period of one month.

Which is better?

HIFU is better as it improves the subcutaneous structure of the skin and helps growth of collagen. Skin gets tightened naturally and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. It is a non-invasive and safe skin treatment.

Water OASIS medical has introduced this HIFU V treatment which is an advanced form of HIFU contour remodeling. It makes use of no anesthetic cream and the discomfort in this treatment is also greatly reduced. It has become a lot popular to tighten the neck, reshape eye’s contours and tighten the double chin.